Eprom Experiments With Minimalistic Style On Wobbly New Single “The Cat”

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Eprom is known for producing bass music unlike any other artist out there. More often than not, these productions are loud, distorted, and heavy in ways we sometimes couldn’t even imagine. Today Eprom switches up his style while staying true to his sound with the drop of a new single, “The Cat,” where he experiments with a minimalistic form.

If you were at Bassnectar’s NYE360 show a couple months ago, you may have heard this wobbly tune mashed up with KW Griff’s classic “Bring In The Katz” during Eprom and G Jones’s wild b2b set. The original tune has now been unleashed to the public, and we’re loving how it sounds on its own.

“The Cat” is so spacious that, besides the buildups, there is hardly ever two components working together at the same time. Eprom gives his instruments tons of breathing room throughout the track, and it works amazingly.

Stream the minimal single below, out via Deadbeats, and enjoy!

Eprom – The Cat