Watch EPROM’s Incredible Sound Design Displayed Alongside Breathtaking Visual Art Piece


EPROM is recognized throughout the massive world of electronic music as one of the most gifted producers in the game. His sound design alone has blown our minds for years, and he’s just done something brand new with it that you have to check out.

Just a few days ago, EPROM shared a live streamed video of an art installation he worked on for Vivid Sydney, a festival that focuses on the wildest lights and music combinations that you can imagine. EPROM was tapped (along with Air Max ‘97 and x/o) to provide a soundtrack for a video projection on the sails of the Sydney Opera House. The project was titled METAMATHEMATICAL, and was creatively helmed by Jonathan Zawada, an amazingly skilled visual artist. You may recognize Zawada's visuals, who has worked on cover art for Flume's Skin, Baauer's Aa, and also EPROM's Pineapple EP. 

The project turned out to be absolutely breathtaking. Instead of EPROM’s usual, distorted, bass-heavy sound design, he’s contributed a segment of beautiful, mind bending sounds that are paired flawlessly with Jonathan Zawada’s visuals. The way it all plays out is very dreamlike.

Attempting to describe the art installation will do it no justice, so take a look and listen for yourself below. Enjoy!