Eprom & ZEKE BEATS Share Long Awaited Heavy-Bass Collab “Humanoid 2.0”

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For over a year now we’ve been poked, prodded and teased with snippets of Eprom & ZEKE BEATS’ long awaited collab. While we’ve been very content keeping Eprom’s recent Drone Warfare EP on repeat and ZEKE BEATS Devastate EP on close standby, having heard this one played out by the likes of G Jones, Bleep Bloop, Space Jesus, (controversially by) ATLiens & more, today we’re beyond excited that the wait is finally over for “Humanoid 2.0”.

This latest offering from the heavy-bass duo was definitely worth the wait. Although according to ZEKE BEATS 2.0 was originally slated for release back in April, as it is more-or-less a followup to Eprom’s 2010 “Humanoid”, to say this was a long time coming would be an understatement. Filled with deep, pulsing bass, skittering percussion, eerie robotic vocals and wonky, extraterrestrial gargles, you’ll definitely be out of your seat as soon as you hit play on this one. And if 2.0 dropping wasn't hype enough already, the track seems to have come as a dual release with a new, never before heard track from the duo titled "Soundboy Funeral". Check out “Humanoid 2.0” below and enjoy!

Eprom & ZEKE BEATS – Humanoid 2.0