Watch Eric Prydz Tease Cinematic New Holographic Stage Setup ‘HOLO’ With Incredible Video


In May of last year, Eric Prydz took to the stage in London’s Victoria Park for one of the most-anticipated sets of his career so far. The performance that followed was a jawdropping journey from start to finish with pulsing neon lasers, LED screens and stunningly realistic holograms that transported the crowd from London to outer space and beyond.

This was Eric Prydz’s EPIC 5.0 setup, the next step of the producer’s live show series that began back in 2011. The stage setups of these performances are arguably the best in the business, and in 2016 they topped our list of best stage productions of the year by a landslide.

After selling out Victoria Park with EPIC 5.0, Eric Prydz finally announced the next step of this unbelievable series: HOLO. In a short teaser video that the artist posted to his Facebook page, viewers are slowly transported through a series of holographic scenes with both warm amber and cool blue hues contrasting throughout. Three show announcements accompany the video in Glawsgow, Belfast and Daresbury, with more concert announcements to come. Check out the must-see video below and enjoy!

Eric Prydz – HOLO


Woah this new @ericprydz production is next level 😱

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