Walker & Royce And Ardalan Drop Operatic House Track “Ballroom”

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Escapade is the side-project of heavyweight hitters Walker & Royce and Ardalan. Both respective artists have been at the top of the house music scene for a very long time and have only just recently started working together. The power duo has just dropped their second official release “Ballroom,” out now via Rules Don’t Apply.

Both artists’ unique styles can be heard throughout the track but their Escapade project allows them to play with some more unique ideas we’ve yet to hear. Laced with fluttering bongo rolls, opera vocal stabs, a hypnotic piano riff and salivating drum groove, “Ballroom” comes out just in time for all of your Halloween weekend festivities and is sure to bring some life to any party you find yourself at.

Stream the track below and enjoy!

Escapade – Ballroom