Ess Vee & Tarik – Telephone : Sick New Chill Hip Hop


Tarik has been putting out tons of material lately. He has released a couple videos for his songs Dead Presidents and Weatherman, and showed growth as a rapper on the Mixtape 'Triggs.' Tarik continues to show growth on this song with great flow and a sick beat. Ess Vee adds nice contrast on the lyricism on the flow and the intermissions  go well with the beat. The problem for me still is that all these guys are still rapping about how sick their flow is, and what their wearing. Ess Vee and Tarik are both very talented lyricists and they have great beats, but their rapping needs more substance to truly be standout amongst the others. These guys are both young and have a lot of living to do. As they mature and gain experience I hope to hear some really good stuff from both Ess Vee and Tarik. Turn it up and enjoy !

Ess Vee & Tarik – Telephone | Direct Download | Hulkshare