EVERYBODY Debuts Project With Moody Deep House Dinger “With You”


EVERYBODY is the new moniker of Dan Rainey, a New Zealander producer and instrumentalist living in London. He just premiered this fresh musical project to the world this weekend by dropping his first two tracks on his personal imprint Tempo Schmempo, one of which is deep house bop “With You”. With a track this hot as a debut, you’d be foolish not to put this guy on your watchlist. 

“With You” is a slow burn in every sense. It starts off easy, with a spark of light and an ambient backtrack that just keeps building and evolving. As he descends into the ever-changing soundscape, the added ethereal vocal accompaniment from songstress Fiona McMartin ignites the fire even more. By the end of it, the air is bursting with acid-style grooves and spacey analog Synths that could lift you to the heavens. 

You can stream the track below. Enjoy!