Excision & SLANDER Hold Nothing Back In Impassioned New Weapon, “Your Fault”

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Seek shelter everyone, the three headed titan of Excision and SLANDER has emerged with a fiery ripper of a tune titled, “Your Fault.”

These producers are some of the most renowned in the rail riding realm, and with the help of vocalist Ellee Vee, they’ve concocted a two-pronged weapon that will have you neck deep in your emotions while head banging yourself into the nearest neck brace.

Dino Dad Excision is a dubstep don and SLANDER are the masters of neck breaking tear-jerkers. This much fire power in the same studio is obviously a massive safety hazard, but damnit this was worth every bit of risk. Stream Excision and Slander’s new single, “Your Fault,” below. Enjoy!

Excision & SLANDER – Your Fault. (Feat. Ellee Vee)