Explore Tycho’s Next Chapter On Organic New Album ‘Weather’

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The day has finally come to listen to Tycho’s fifth studio album, Weather. It’s been three years since Tycho’s last masterpiece Epoch, and like any great artist his style has grown and evolved over time. The release of three singles off the new album – Easy, Pink + Blue, and Japan – marked Tycho’s journey into the world of vocals. Weaving hypnotic melodies from vocalist Saint Sinner throughout the project, Tycho took his music to a personal, intimate space it’s never been to before.

When setting out to record WEATHER I wanted to finally fulfill what had been a vision of mine since the beginning: to incorporate the most organic instrument of all, the human voice… It has been inspiring working with [Saint Sinner’s] voice and hearing Tycho evolve into something that I had always hoped it someday would. My philosophy in life is that when you see a path clearly laid out you must follow it to see where it leads. As an artist, you have to continuously challenge yourself and evolve to make genuine artistic statements. Looking back it’s clear that every step of the past 18 years has led to this moment and I couldn’t be happier with the result. – Scott Hansen (Tycho)

Day one Tycho fans have no fear, the eight track album includes three stunning instrumental tracks, “Easy”, “Into The Woods” and “Weather”, as well as instrumental versions of “Japan” and “Pink + Blue”. These alternative tracks aren’t just the original with the vocals cut out, they have entirely new arrangements for you to explore.

Give Weather a listen below via Mom + Pop records and check out where you can catch Tycho on tour here. Enjoy!

Tycho – Weather