Fakear Harnesses Magic on Fifth Album ‘Hypertalisman’

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A ‘talisman’ is an object, typically a ring or a stone, that is thought to have magic powers and bring good luck. It is also the name of French DJ and Producer Fakear’s 2023 album, which marked the rebirth of the talented producer. As we embark into 2024, Fakear is continuing to capture inspiration and magic in his newest LP Hypertalisman, via Nowadays Records.

The best electronic musicians are complex with a natural ability to fuse genres, which is keystone on this LP. The lead single “Elysium” is created from a fantasy and sees Fakear’s international influence shine. The project as a whole is simultaneously therapeutic yet clubby. Tracks like “Healing” and “Nova” best represent this. Fakear also flexes his ability to chop vocals throughout the project, adding incredible layers to already attentively and well crafted tracks.

On the LP Fakear has this to say,

“As I was gradually reconnecting with the outside world, I was realising how essential to me it was, and how much I had missed it. My new songs are full of this feeling. I love making music so that it can be shared, lived, vibed and danced to. Talisman was me returning to my roots. The new songs are a window to the future.”

Stream Hypertalisman below and enjoy!

Fakear – Hypertalisman

-Written By: JD Scribner