PREMIERE | Falcon Punch Delivers Infectious & Funky Chill House Song “Antigua”

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Colorado-based Falcon Punch has been making waves for some time now and is back today with an irresistible new original track "Antigua" we're pleased to be premiering. The multi-instrumentalist and producer last made an appearance on the site for his flip of Pooside's "Feel Alright" and continues to blend funky sounds on his latest. 

“The song came about when I was in my studio one day and started playing around with a simple, percussive & repeating piano melody (which plays throughout the song). The melody got stuck in my head over the next few weeks that every time I returned to the studio I kept playing it over and over – but could never think of anything to go with it. After several weeks of letting it marinate, I went back into the studio and suddenly… it was finished! It's the first song that truly sounds like what I've always wanted my sound to be.”  - Falcon Punch

Like some of the other music we've heard from Falcon Punch, "Antigua" seems to effortlessly combine elements of disco and house with lush electronic production and funky instrumentation in the best way possible. The keyboard melody and guitar riffs will undoubtedly have your head bobbing on this one. Enjoy!

Falcon Punch – Antigua