PREMIERE | falcxne And The Kount Make Magic On Catchy New Single, “Spin Around”

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As the weather begins to get warmer, we’re always on the lookout for the best new tracks to bump with your windows down. Well, start your car and grab the aux, because today’s premiere is the perfect sunshine cruiser. Spin Around,” comes courtesy of Canadian beat-smith, falcxne, as the latest single off his incoming Studio 54 EP, releasing via Sundae Sauuce.

This catchy cut is an absolute vibe from bottom to top. A pulsing drum kit, a singular plucking chime, and a silky bass line set a seductive tone to start. falcxne then slides to the forefront with his velvety vocals, casting a spell over every soul within earshot. It’s impossible to listen to the perfectly synchronized rhythm line, the glistening fills, and the lush vocal layers without imagining yourself dancing through a neon-drenched music video. I recommend not fighting it, this irresistible song just gets that much better when you dance right along to it.

If you need a track to get your day started, to get the party movin, or even just to share with your friends to make them think you have great taste in music, look no further. falcxne struck gold with this one, and the addition of The Kount is the perfect icing on this sweet, sultry groove cake. We will definitely be checking back for the rest of his Studio 54 EP, but until then you can bet we’ll have “Spin Around” on repeat. Stream below! Enjoy!

falcxne & The Kount – Spin Around