Fan the Flames Make Their TSIS Debut With Indie Electronic Tune “meet again.”


It is not too often that we find boyfriend/girlfriend duos in the electronic scene. Writing songs together since they were fourteen and fifteen years old, Jay Golden and Kyr of Fan the Flames have developed a creative flow that allows them to crank out one catchy tune after the next. Their new track, “meet again.,” marks their TSIS debut.

A bright, airy beat kicks the track off as melodic vocal chops settle in to establish the track’s hook. The duo incorporate a wave of sparkly synths and a saturated bass line, making for a rounded, dynamic mix. Currently traveling around their home town of Las Vegas to perform DJ sets at various venues, Fan the Flames is only getting started in their music careers.

Fan the Flames shared what this song means to them, commenting:

Having both just lost grandparents, we took this as a sign to create a piece that could provide a sense of closure to us by sending one last goodbye out into the universe, which is exactly what this track ended up being for us. We hope you will be able to connect with it as much as we did.

You can stream “meet again.” at the link below. Enjoy!

Fan the Flames – meet again.