Fans Rally Behind Android Jones, Raise $250,000 After He Loses Studio to Fire


Android Jones, one of the electronic music scene’s most talented visual artists, was faced with the tragic loss of all his work last week. He arrived at his studio engulfed in flames, and while everyone was okay, he said that everything in it and around it was gone. That included his tools, sketchbooks, art books, computers, hard drives, and more.

In a detailed message on his social media, he outlined everything that the space meant to him. He also mentioned that it was built by his father, who passed away in 2013.  Humbled with the great task of moving forward, Jones reached out to his fans for help and set up a GoFundMe with a goal of $250,000. The money would go towards building a new creative space where he can continue to create and support his family and team. “I don’t know what to do with myself, but I know I can’t dream of fixing this without your support,” he said.

In his time of need, his fans and the community rallied behind him. The goal of $250,000 was met within a week of the devastating fire. After the overwhelming support they received, Android Jones posted a video with his wife, delivering a message of heartwarming gratitude. Most recently, he shared a new video where he spoke optimistically about the future of his project:

On the first day, I was so devastated and afraid that this loss and catastrophe would define me. But now, I am slowly beginning to realize that by embracing my power as a leader and cultivating the rebirth of this space with the support of my community, we can outshine this disaster. Together, we can create a new meaning, envision, and build a story and a space that serves a greater mission, and one that receives and projects a greater love.

Android Jones has done visuals for a wide range of artists, including Tipper, CloZee, and The Grateful Dead. He’s perhaps most well-known for his VJ work that utilizes the virtual reality-based software MicrodoseVR. You can get a brief idea of how he performs in this video. Android Jones also posted his mind-boggling visual artwork to his website. You can check out his work here.