FARR Slip Into Smokey R&B Bliss With New EP ‘Blink Twice If You’re OK’


We’re officially declaring this summer the summer of R&B. Nostalgic rhythms, distant vocals, and bright horns are the sound of the season and LA/ London duo, FARR, are right on time with their new EP, Blink Twice If You’re OK.

Floating in a realm punctuated by crooning vocal harmonies and deliciously downtempo rhythm sections, Roméo & Linden Jay deliver a collection of melodies ready to sink any listener into a smoke-filled dream. Maybe the fantastical flutes of the lovely “Make It To The Summer” will be your preferred escape. Or perhaps you’d prefer the velvety Jungle collaboration “Answers” and its decadent horn line. Pick one, or pick all five, the only wrong way to listen to this EP is not listening at all.

“We took a slightly different route to get to each song,” Linden shared of the new project. “Rather than me just making beats and sending them over, Roméo contributed to a lot of the production. When you’re in an open mindset without rules defining your process, ideas come more naturally.”

Evolved creative processes birth evolved sounds. TSIS may be a new addition to the FARR train, but count us in for the long haul. Stream FARR’s new EP, Blink Twice If You’re OK, below. Enjoy!

FARR – Blink Twice If You’re OK

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