Feed Me – Last Requests (Ft. Jenna G) : Refreshing smooth Electro ballad off new album


As we approach the release of the debut Feed Me studio album Calamari Tuesday, we get to preview another new cut 'Last Request' featuring singer Jenna G. We get a chilled out ballad, a big change of pace from most everything else he has released to date. Words from Jon Gooch aka Feed Me himself, “If this album is the story of my life with Feed Me over the last couple of years, then this track represents the emotional strain the lifestyle has put on those around me and myself, and also represents its open ended conclusion.” This compared to the previously surfaced 'Rat Trap' from on the album really shows the dynamic range this release will contain. You can listen below and pre-order the album through iTunes now.

Feed Me – Last Requests (Ft. Jenna G)