[PREMIERE] Felix Snow Delivers Infectious New Single “Evening Buffalo”


Felix Snow is undoubtedly one of our favorite producers and we’re very excited to be premiering this new one today. For his latest endeavor, the super-producer has shared his new track “Evening Buffalo”. 

Felix has lent his production skills to artists like Young Thug and Kiiara in the past as well as being a mastermind behind one of our favorite groups, Terror Jr, who have one of our favorite albums out so far this year. “Evening Buffalo” that’s an infectiously produced, summer-ready gem. This track shows off Felix’s knack for sound design with his crisp drums and bright melodies laying the foundation for perfectly used vocal chops adding an uplifting element to this track you’ll have stuck in your head for a long time after hearing. Stay tuned for more from Felix and enjoy!

Felix Snow – Evening Buffalo