Felly Unveils Chill, Passionate New Genre-Blending Single “Love and Fear”

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It’s already looking like a good year for Felly. As the singer-songwriter / producer / rapper recently came off a track with none other than Santana, today he’s raised the bar for his sound in 2020 with “Love and Fear“.

It seems like Felly only gets better and better. Having continued upon his string of impressive projects with his 2018 debut album Surf Trap, the multi-faceted Connecticut artist has definitely set himself up for success with this new offering.

“Love and fear came from a place of exploring duality, sort of walking a tightrope between joy and misery. I had laughed at the nonsense of how I felt at the time. It was like floating in a space between extremes. This song is me exploring that space finding little reminders in the lyrics that things are beautiful, coupled with the confusion over why darkness still looms. The song came together after surrendering to the contrasting emotions.” – Felly

Packed with emotional verses touching on the extreme high’s and lows of love, this latest is sure to pull at listeners’ heartstrings. With his soft yet powerful vocals perfectly emphasized by slow rolling synths, crisp, skittering percussion and gentle, warbling guitar – Felly has yet another gem on his hands. Check out “Love and Fear” below and enjoy!

Felly – Fear and Love