Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Naderi Remix) : Must Hear Future Bass Remix [Free Download]


Fetty Wap's radio smash "Trap Queen has become one of the most overplayed party songs which has led to a string of remixes including Autolaser's amongst others, but nothing quite compares for what we have today.

Naderi is the solo project to a relatively mysterious producer from Sydney who's been working behind the scenes on success stories of fellow Aussies including Flume, What So Not, Carmada, GRMM amongst others and is actively shares a studio with Flume himeslf. We premiered his remix of Aerial Love and did an introductary feature about him with his Kilter remix ealier this year.

Today Naderi strips the song down to it's core leaving only the vocals from the original intact. We are left with something that sounds like unique cross of Wave Racer and Flume with a huge twist of something seriously unique. This is the type of remix that you won't be able to play just once. Listen below and grab a limited free download, enjoy!

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen (Naderi Remix) | Free Download


Naderi Press Picture