Fisher Unleashes Anticipated House “Stop It” Track Via Dirtybird


If you’re in touch with what Dirtybird has been up to as of late, you know about the one track they all have been using as a secret weapon in their sets. The fan-dubbed “Rollercoaster song” officially titled “Stop It” by Fisher has been sought after ever since it was played out numerous times at Dirtybird Campout West just last month. Today, the track officially drops on Fisher’s Oi Oi EP via Dirtybird Records. Yes, you can finally stop listening to the potato-quality rips all over youtube. Grab a pair of headphones at let this beast rattle your skull.

For those unfamiliar, Fisher is the newest addition to the Dirtybird clan. Previously professional Australian surfer turned DJ and one half of house-duo Cut Snake, Fisher chose to move forward with his solo work, and he’s been murdering it. Not only did he have one of the biggest tracks of the summer with “Ya Kidding”, but the sequel, “Ya Didn’t” is the other banging track featured off this Oi Oi EP. 

As far as house music goes, “Stop It” could easily be the track of the year. Fisher has proved he’s mastered the art of the bassline with this one. Expect to have “Stop It” be stuck in your head for the rest of weekend at least. Movin’ up and down, side to side, like a rollercoaster.

Fisher – Stop It