FKA twigs Mixtape ‘CAPRISONGS’ is Healing Music

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“I’m not the rockstar’s girlfriend, I am the rockstar girlfriend… I’m not the accessory to the rockstar, I’m the rockstar” is how FKA twigs ends “which way,” a song that sits smack dab in the middle of her latest project, CAPRISONGS. Whether or not this is referring to her ties to The 1975 frontman Matt Healy, it doesn’t even matter. FKA twigs is here to remind us she is her own person.

The astrology-themed record has been described by NPR as “transformative,” and we’re not here to argue with that. Upon many listens throughout the weekend, each song brought me back to a nostalgic state as I reminisce on times in my life that FKA twigs potently puts into words.

She’s there to express her own experiences with impostor syndrome and yearning for romance in “meta angel.” She brings on The Weeknd for “tears in the club,” where they sing about dancing away the pain of heartbreak. And on “oh my love,” FKA twigs enlists the help of actress Abigail Sakari for a powerful message:

“Nah, but seriously, on a level, you’re beautiful
We’ve not got a long time here, so
Love yourself, know your worth, and
Fuck crying over these stupid boys that don’t even recognise the worth in themselves”

CAPRISONGS was made for everyone in mind. It’s filled to the brim with horny dance anthems, intensely vulnerable ballads, and features by some of the biggest stars in the world (specifically shining a light on the UK’s finest). FKA twigs articulates and encapsulates the zeitgeist of what it means to be a young adult who simply craves humanity in this world.

Her ability to relate to listeners on such a visceral level is incommensurable. As she references the ’90s UK dance hit by Olive on “darjeeling,” she shows solidarity to our generation in four simple bars: “You’re not alone / I’ll wait till the end of time / Open your mind / Surely it’s plain to see.”

Sing, dance, and cry along to CAPRISONGS below. Enjoy!