FKA Twigs Hypnotized Us With Her Mind-Blowing Performance At Denver’s Mission Ballroom

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The whole TSIS office was buzzing when FKA Twigs dropped her latest album, Magdalene. Her show at Denver’s newest and highly acclaimed venue, Mission Ballroom, was right around the corner and I quickly hopped on the opportunity to check out what type of show she would put on. 

When arriving to the venue, the vibe felt similar to that of an art museum. Those in attendance talked with hushed voices, everyone patiently waiting for her to take the stage. There were no openers to warm things up, just some delicate ambient sound that grew louder and louder as the performance drew closer. The lights in the venue eventually shut off – and FKA Twigs took the stage.

fka twigs mission ballroom

Image Credit / Alden Bonecutter

FKA Twigs didn’t simply show up to flex her beautiful voice for Denver that evening. Her performance truly encompassed every piece of her artistic vision. There were unbelievable costume changes, highly complex and wonderfully executed choreography by her and her dancers and so much more.

Those who follow Twigs know that she’s quite the pole dancer – and she put her acrobatic skills on full display that night, teaming up with her dancers for a wild routine that had everyone’s jaw’s dropped to the floor. There was even an entire sword dancing routine as well, where she glided around stage wielding a massive katana, again blowing the crowds minds with her unreal versatility. We were all truly captivated from start to finish. 

Juxtaposed against the ethereal portrayal of her music, FKA Twigs found the perfect moment to unveil her track, “holy terrain” with Future. After staring in amazement for most of the show, attendees really started getting down once that specific beat dropped.

fka twigs mission ballroom-14

Image Credit / Alden Bonecutter

Knowing Twigs’s general aesthetic, I figured that this wouldn’t be your typical concert, but I was simply entranced by the versatility of her creative, theatrical performance. While at the show, I captured some footage of the spectacle and uploaded videos so you could get a peek into what I was able to experience. 

Check out our videos below and enjoy!

FKA Twigs – Mirrored Heart

FKA Twigs – Lights On

FKA Twigs – Holy Terrain (feat. Future)

FKA Twigs – Cellophane

FKA Twigs – Two weeks