Watch FKJ Become His Own Band In Brilliant New Video “On My Own”

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FKJ has got to be one of the most talented musicians out there right now. We’re perpetually blown away but what this guy can do. If you aren’t aware of the extent of his instrumental prowess, the new video he uploaded to his YouTube channel will dazzle you.

In the new video, FKJ shows himself (in 16mm film) working on a demo called “On My Own.” The aptly titled work-in-progress is yet another brilliant piece of music by FKJ, where he jams on his guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, while also laying down his own vocals. The video quickly cuts between shots of him playing in different parts of his studio, making it look like he’s all five members of his own band.

The track itself is short, but so, so sweet. Check out the video below and enjoy!

FKJ – On My Own (Demo)