Listen To Australian Indie Artist Fletcher Gull’s Riveting New Song “heaven is around the corner”


Australia is simply brimming with talented young musicians, and we’ve just found a really interesting one on his way up. Indie artist Fletcher Gull really wowed us with his new single “heaven is around the corner,” where he showcases his many talents. Fletcher is proficient with many instruments, displays deep songwriting, and has creative production work. His captivating new song is undoubtedly worth a few listens to truly capture its essence and meaning.

“heaven is around the corner” sweeps us into a dreamscape of airy synths and gentle guitar, while layers of Fletcher’s descriptive vocals drift atop this celestial arrangement. The imaginative synth work serves to provoke thought and meditation as it subtly morphs. Around the two and a half minute mark, the dreamy atmosphere comes to a screeching halt, quite literally. Those synths begin to distort, and a tape click marks an energy and tempo shift.

The song becomes markedly more instrumental, as a happy piano riff shines through sharp percussion, a warm bassline, and a brass arrangment. As this bright, euphoric section crescendoes, Gull brings back the slower, synth driven atmosphere, uniting the two vastly different parts of the song with the color of the trumpets. It’s a truly unique and beautiful composition that Fletcher has crafted. Listen in the stream below. Enjoy!

Fletcher Gull – heaven is around the corner