Flo Rida Re-Ignites Feud With Deadmau5 by Bashing His Mau5 Head in New “Beamz” Commercial

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It looks like the feud between Deadmau5 (one of electronic music's biggest voices) and Flo Rida (an artist known for cashing in on copying others sounds) has taken another entertaining turn. A few weeks ago, Deadmau5 publicly bashed the hip-hop star for unveiling a new product called 'Beamz By Flo' (watch the official commercial here). This shameful "state-of-the-art musical instrument" enables people of all ages and skill levels to have fun creating and playing music. While filming his "Coffee Run" series, Deadmau5 displayed what he really thinks of Flo Rida's new marketing gimmick.

.@beamzmusic i dont recall agreeing to any terms of you using my likeness and trademark to sell your shitty product.

— team deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 28, 2013


With back and forth exchanges between the two parties occurring over Twitter, it seemed that things had at least settled down for the time being.  That is until today when Deadmau5 discovered the latest official promotional video by Beamz & Flo Rida that not only takes a cheap shot at the producer, but uses his likeness and trademark "mau5 head" without his consent. Seems like the Mau5 might actually be looking to take legal action based on his tweets. (More below the video)

tweets and parodies are all fun and games, but i feel that that looks like a legitimate advertisement, wouldn't you agree?

— team deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 28, 2013


difference is: mine wasn't an advertisement using someone else's likeness for monetary gain / advertising. @kinger13 @aaronpeck_peck

— team deadmau5 (@deadmau5) October 28, 2013