Floret Loret Takes Listeners On Futuristic & Organic Leftfield-Bass Journey With ‘Prosper EP’


Flower power is the name of the game for Florida bass artist Floret Loret, whose trippy and animative sounds take inspiration from the flora of the natural world. His latest Prosper EP showcases a unique and experimental style of leftfield bass music of whooshing bass sounds beneath intricate and mercurial soundscapes.

The lush, four-track EP contains a vast range of intriguing and mind bending sounds: trickling synths, crushed up bass, and mystical ambient noises. “Afterblooms” is a particularly mystifying track with its downtempo rhythm and ambient sounds counterplay with bass wobbles and cascading synth melodies. From the melodic interplay of “Nu Bloom” to the percussive and mysterious “Abscissions,” the whole EP takes listeners on quite the trip as each track organically morphs and take on lives of their own.

I’d recommend headphones for listeners that want to get the most out of this sonic journey. The EP is out now via Bassrush Records, check it out in the stream below. Enjoy!

Floret Loret – Prosper EP