Flosstradamus – Total Recall EP + Music Video : Funky Fresh Bass Powered ‘Trap’ Music


Today I've got a funky new track that really doesn't sound like anything like I've posted on the site, and you know that's my favorite stuff to post. It's from Flosstradamus, the Chicago based group who we sponsored a concert in Denver for a few months back. They just recently dropped a jaw dropping new Total Recall EP featuring 3 tracks on it released on Mad Decent last week. The first track with the same name as the EP 'Total Recall' is defintely my favorite. It's got a southern hip hop style called 'Trap' with some great sampling, infectiously catchy synths, and good amount of bass. The video shows different counties and spots around the world, highlighting how many awesome looking girls their are in Ukraine as well how massive Dubai rages. The track has a simliar style to their wild remix to Major Lazer's 'Original Don'. The other tracks on the EP are good as well, and have a simliar fresh style. Turn up the bass, enjoy!

Flosstradamus – Total Recall | Direct Download

Flosstradamus – MOTA | Direct Download

Flosstradamus – UR Life | Direct Download