Flosstradamus – X☯ EP (X2) : 3 Song Electronic Trap / Hardstyle EP [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Flosstradamus is back with their second EP X☯, apart of the the X series. This is following up X☮ EP which is apart of a trilogy of free EP's they are releasing. It's got three tracks "ITH (ft. Tuneboy & DJ Issac)" "2NITE (ft. Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers)" and "T2 (ft. Wasted Penguinz)". This along with the first EP, is their venture into blending trap and hardstyle for a unique combination that sounds suited to have crowds across the world loosing their minds. They all hit hard, stop waiting, blast this, enjoy!

Flosstradamus - X☮ EP| Download


Flosstradamus - ITH (ft. Tuneboy & DJ Issac) | Download

Flosstradamus - 2NITE (ft. Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers) | Download

Flosstradamus - T2 (ft. Wasted Penguinz) | Download

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