PREMIERE | Fluencee Returns With Breezy, Powerful New Single “Demons” Ft. Drowsy

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Over the past few years, Fluencee has been quickly making a name for himself with his lush, ethereal sound. Having lent his production prowess to remixes of The KnocksODESZA, The Chainsmokers and more, today we’re excited to have the pleasure of premiering the LA-based producer’s first release of 2020 with “Demons” (feat. Drowsy).

If this latest offering gives any indication of what Fluencee has in store for the year, we’re definitely all in for a treat! Featuring a masterful mix of soft, atmospheric soundscapes, crisp, skittering percussion, bright arpeggios and booming bass all rounded out by Nevada-based singer Drowsy’s gentle yet passionate vocals, Fluencee has added yet another gem to his already impressive discography. Stream “Demons”, out now via Lowly below and enjoy!

Fluencee – Demons (feat. Drowsy)