Flume’s Epic 2019: A Recap Ft. Ultra 2020 Headline, GRAMMY Nomination & More

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Flume has come back in a BIG way in 2019. From originally promising new music just before the end of 2018 to eating ass while onstage…today, with the announcement that he’ll be headlining Ultra 2020, we’re taking a look back at all the wildness that has accumulated this year.

First off, we have to talk a bit more about Hi This Is Flume. As the first stop in the triumphant comeback of the superstar, this mixtape not only re-solidified him as a complete force to be reckoned with in the electronic music community, but also reinstated the fact that Flume continues to be one of the most innovative producers in our current age. Paired with features from slowthai, JPEGMAFIA, Eprom, SOPHIE & more, although HTIF was delivered with expert timing and precision as a multimedia experience across platforms, at the end of the day Flume was able to hold on to the sense that this project was just about him making weird stuff with his friends.

Only a few months later, while still riding the success of his mixtape, we were hit with news that it was possibly only the first project among many that Flume would be dropping. Obviously this turned out to be GØAT TAPE V1, but while it may have been dropped under a separate and ridiculous new (but fitting) moniker, it provided the perfect stepping stone in between Flume’s quick return and new joint EP with Reo CragunQuits

And as if the team-up with Reo wasn’t hype enough, only a few days later Flume turned around and delivered his most awe-inspiring performance to date when he took the stage at Coachella, smashing printers, lighting things on fire and re-potting flowers to a sea of thousands. But as astounding as his set may have been, the biggest takeaway was surely the preview we recieved of his new collab with Vera Blue – which set off a chain of events leading to an acoustic version, live saxophone performance and official video

Yet, as things seemed to be winding down for Flume’s return in 2019, although we’re still very pleased about the hilarious content he’s been posting we were overjoyed to find the Aussie has been nominated for yet another GRAMMY for his impressive Hi This Is Flume mixtape.

We truly can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for Flume and you can definitely expect to see us front and center for his Ultra set. Take another look at his HTIF visualizer below and enjoy!