Flume Drops Must-Hear Unreleased Song At Australian Festival


Australian DJ/producer Flume headlined Splendour in the Grass music festival this weekend (July 22-24) and snuck an unreleased track into his set that initially appeared at the 00:22 mark on his Skin LP preview. While the song never made it onto the released album, there has been speculation that it will be released as a single or even part of a possible deluxe Skin album. The vibrant future bass production, which has yet to receive a name, consists of dynamic percussion and accordion-like synths that hum a captivating melody. 

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In an interview with DIY Magazine, Flume says, "I am a bigger fan of some of the songs that didn’t make it over some that did, but those songs didn’t fit, and there’s a definite feeling in all the songs that made the album that tie them together and make it flow as one." In regards to the songs that didn't make the cut, such as the one below, he says, "Those other songs are still going to come out, for sure, but as a body of work it didn’t quite make sense to give them a home on the album." 

Flume – ID | Stream