Flume’s Goat Assumes New Pseudonym GØAT And Drops ‘GØAT TAPE V1’

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We had a feeling this was coming. After closely observing Flume’s activity over the past few months, and predicting the drop off a potential follow up mixtape to Hi This Is Flume, that follow up project has potentially arrived. It’s come in a form we didn’t quite expect, with Flume’s goat assuming the pseudonym GØAT to release five brand new tracks. There’s still a chance it’s not actually Flume, but there is a change it might be.

After his triumphant return, Flume released “Friends” with Reo Cragun and then took to Reddit for a surprise AMA where he said we can expect more music and shows to come. Then he began some odd, cryptic posts, like the Instagram post with some goats that had the caption “Hay This Is Goat (Mixtape) out 6.21.19.” Considering HTIF was released on the first day of spring, and this post mentioned the first day of summer, fans began to run wild with some theories as to when he would drop something for each season this year.

It turns out that Flume’s goat wasn’t bluffing, because we’re sitting here listening to GØAT TAPE V1 and loving every second of it. Even if it’s some elaborate plan from a different producer, it sure sounds like Flume’s production style.

The unveiling of this little project came via Instagram account @totesmgoats1, the exact account that Flume tagged in the linked Instagram post below.

Today the deep diving and speculation comes to an end, as we get to feast our ears on yet another brilliant, forward-thinking project from Flume. Although this hunt has ended, we’re sure it will start up again soon, this time conspiring to figure out if he will drop a fall mixtape.

Stream Flume’s goat’s GØAT TAPE V1 below and enjoy!

UPDATE: It’s been confirmed this goat project is not Flume.



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