Listen To Flume’s Old Tracks Before He Was Flume

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So far, everyone is loving Flume’s most recent project, his Hi This Is Flume mixtape. It’s been in heavy rotation for us, and have even heard some fans calling it his best collection of work to date.

Flume recently stopped by Reddit to give thanks for the support on Hi This Is Flume. The fans of r/Flume were clearly stoked to receive a personal message from him, and the post also granted access into his posting history (since he submitted from his personal account u/humblebuzz).

If you explore the beloved Aussie’s Reddit account, you can find a ton of interesting posts from him as he was coming up as a musician, and even some old tracks from his former moniker, HEDS. His sound has obviously developed into it’s own beautiful entity today, but you can still hear the beginnings of his style in these 9 year old house tracks.

Check out Flume’s very first uploaded productions as HEDS below and enjoy!