Stream Flume’s Incredible 4-Track ‘Skin Companion’ EP


Flume presented his incredible sophomore Skin album back in June and later announced a Skin Companion EP would arrive in November.  Well, that day has finally come as we're presented with four tunes that remind us why Flume is one of the best producers in the game.

"Trust" feat. Isabella Manfredi leads the EP and might shake you at first with its bright drum pattern clacking in the background. The song's unique entrance is gradually layered with toy piano samples, bubble pops and a lively bassline.

We then move on to "V" which presents a low-energy, slightly scattered drum sequence that plays off shimmering flutes and echoing vocals. At less than two minutes and 30 seconds, the track serves more as a dynamic interlude than a full song. Flume then jolts his listeners with "Heater", a masterpiece that's been teased for nearly two months after it debuted in an Australian "lockout protest" promotional video. 

The final track, "Quirk", is composed of rippling synths and distant falsetto vocals that give the production a very dreamy, cinematic feel. As always, Flume's vivid sound design comes into play as he incorporates lush melodies, emotional chords and purposeful percussion. Stream the Skin Companion EP in full below and enjoy!

Flume – Skin Companion EP | Purchase