Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix) : Future Bass / Trap


Flume's latest single "Smoke & Retribution" surprised with an unexpected feature from California rapper Vince Staples and from singer Kučka. Well the incredible new track now gets a future bass / trap makeover from Ekali.

Aside from one feature on ODESZA's No Sleep – Mix.09,  Ekali is a brand new artist to the site. His unique take on Flume's most recent song had us listening in awe. Flipping the track on its head, Ekali brings in thumping tuba punches and grandios synth layers only to strip it all away in favor of a minimal trap section fitted with gurgling tones. He then somehow manages to smoothly bring back the former, brighter section as Vince Staples' verse comes in at a down-pitched timbre.

It looks like we'll be hearing back from Ekali in just 3 weeks, see what he had to say for yourself below. For now, tune into his epic remix of "Smoke & Retribution."

I know this is my first upload in about 5 months – I promise I won't keep you waiting that long again. Next track up on my page in 3 weeks - G Jones X Ekali.

Flume – Smoke & Retribution (Ekali Remix)