Flume Launches NFT Series With Artist Jonathan Zawada

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The next artist to dive into the exploding world of NFTs is none other than Flume. He’s linked up with Jonathan Zawada, an artist who he is closely tied to, to launch a series of NFT drops.

If you aren’t familiar with NFTs, we created a guide to what they are and how artists are using them.

If Zawada’s name seems familiar to you, it’s because he’s the artist behind many of your favorite artists’ cover art. He’s done work with Flume, Baauer, EPROM, and The Avalanches, just to name a few. Zawada and Flume have created a joint account to launch this NFT series.

Their first piece is called “Saccade,” and the auction is currently live. The bidding has started at 0.10 Ethereum (about $152). The piece itself features some very psychedelic animated art from Jonathan Zawada accompanied by some spine-tingling sounds from Flume.

You can find a link to the live auction on Foundation here. More info on the series can be found here.