Flux Pavilion & NGHTMRE – Feel Your Love (feat. Jamie Lewis) : Must Hear Collaboration


It's safe to say that when two of bass music's most prominent talents decide to collaborate on a track, there's going to be a great deal of hype behind it. Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE's collaboration was no exception. The two teamed up to create a monstrous track called "Feel Your Love" that has been circulating the major festivals since Nov. 2015 when Slander played it at EDC Orlando. 

NGHTMRE was one of five acts to join Flux on his Tesla tour in 2015 and seemed to hit off well with the Circus Records co-founder. "Working with Flux Pavilion was amazing," he says. "I was able to do five or six shows on his Tesla tour…he's an extremely humble dude. I've looked up to that guy for a long time and I've always loved his music."

"Feel Your Love" is driven by a springy metallic-sounding lead that exudes an extraterrestrial quality you'll find in The Terminator and Alien. While the drop purposely gets in front of one's face, Flux and NGHTMRE make sure to give the song balance by bringing the listeners back down to Earth with a simple piano progression underneath Jamie Lewis' vocals…before they return to an even crazier second drop. This one will take you for a trip. Check it below on Circus Records!

Feel Your Love (feat. Jamie Lewis) | Purchase