FLY Creates A Meditative Soundscape With Downtempo Bass Tune, “Frost”


We regularly hear top notch music coming out of LA. The industry hot bed brings us heavenly house, face melting bass, and everything in between. Today we have Los Angeles bass bringer, FLY, on site with his new track, “Frost,” and after listening this pensive new offering, it’s clear to see why the newcomer is turning so many heads.

Welcome to this vast, meditative world of sound. It’s bass runs deep, like tunnels plunging into the earth without end. Alluring synths freely hang in the air, while cryptic fills slither and skitter about. You may feel lost within the unfeeling tranquility, but there is no need to fight it, relinquishment of self to the sound waves will only bring peace.

Warning: One may experience feelings of transcendental calm while listening to this track. I highly recommend making time to sit in stillness with these sounds, your mind and soul will thank you. Stream FLY’s newest single, “Frost,” below. Enjoy!

FLY – Frost