Flying Lotus & Thundercat Team Up On New Song “Black Gold”

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Flying Lotus has released a new song with Thundercat titled “Black Gold.” The frequent collaborators got together for “Black Gold” in partnership with the anime series Yasuké, a show that has enlisted Flying Lotus to create the soundtrack.

Yasuké is set to debut on Netflix on April 29, and Flying Lotus has released two of the singles from the soundtrack in anticipation of the premiere. In addition to “Black Gold,” FlyLo also dropped the track “Between Memories,” which features Niki Randa.

“Black Gold” sounds like it would have been a perfect fit on Thundercat’s GRAMMY award winning album It Is What It Is, a project that Flying Lotus was heavily involved with. “Between Memories” is a bit more of a spacey and dreamy cut that reminds us of the softer side of FlyLo.

You can stream both “Black Gold” and “Between Memories” below, along with their instrumentals. Enjoy!

Flying Lotus – Black Gold / Between Memories