Folamour’s New Remix of Synapson’s “Waylalah” is a Worldly Dance Music Vibe


Back in October, world-renowned French duo Synapson bestowed the electric groove, “Waylalah” featuring Bab L’ Bluz. Last Friday, they enlisted their fellow countryman Folamour for a punchy new remix and we’re stoked to share it with you today. His version is a funky take on the worldly electronic song, and it’s something that will immediately lift your mood.

Folamour’s remix finds the perfect valley between instrumental sounds and electronic textures. There are North African elements threaded throughout the tune, with the mesmerizing vocals of Yousra Mansour from Bab L’ Bluz sung in a Moroccon tongue. The track transports you to faraway places, with classical touches like flute and other instruments typical in Gnawa music, which is an African style. Underneath all of that, there is a steady and high-energy tempo driving the song.

You can listen to the version below. Enjoy!

SynapsonWaylalah” ft. Bab L’ Bluz (Folamour Remix)