Fonteray Debuts His Groovy, Dreamy Sound on First Single, “Stay Close”

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It’s always nice to put your best foot forward and start the week of right. Our next track for you just so happens to make sure that that foot has a dance-ready shoe on it. Melbourne based artist, Fonteray, is providing the beat to move those feet with a soulfully psychedelic debut single titled, “Stay Close.”

We’re in a new world from beat one of this groover. A vibrant array of keys create a seemingly endless soundscape where warm harmonies coalesce with a cheeky bass driven attitude. The precision of the flamboyant synth fills counter the hypnotic nature of the vocal keeping listeners appropriately locked in.

If this is just the debut single, something tells me we’ll be hearing a lot more from this new Australian multi-instrumentalist. Get your first taste of Fonteray by streaming his new song, “Stay Close,” below.

Fonteray – Stay Close