ford. Releases Dazzling, Emotional Third Album ‘Guiding Hand’

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One of our favorite Foreign Family Collective artists just released his third studio album. Luc Bradford, the enigmatic producer better known as ford., has never sounded better than he does on Guiding Hand.

After setting the tone for the album with lush lead single “Tell Me (anew),” the rest of Guiding Hang follows suit, taking us through vibrant and densely textured sonic scapes. ford. didn’t have a typical upbringing, bouncing from Switzerland to Singapore to Utah. From the lilting piano on “The Pace,” to the sitar-like oriental strings of “Hidden Sound,” this globe-hopping is reflected in the worldly music accents scattered throughout the album.

However, underneath the diversity of organic sounds on Guiding Hand, is a deeply emotional journey.  Thematically, this album deals with loss, self-doubt, and persevering through hard times.  This last theme especially is captured on the album’s emotional crescendo “EVERYTHINGSALRIGHT,” where an optimistic vocal chop breaks through through a darker bass line. At the end of the track, the stormy vibe of the song clears, letting in dazzlingly light flecks of synth.

Overall, Guiding Hand serves as ford.’s most mature work to date. We definitely recommend giving this album a listen – make sure to check it out below. Enjoy!

ford. – Guiding Hand

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