ford. Delivers Immersive New Sophomore Album ‘The Color of Nothing’

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Ever since Clay Knight of ODEZSA’s discovery of his Soundcloud page, and the release of his first album (The) Evening via Foreign Family Collective, 21 year old producer ford. has continually impressed us with his brand of soothing and inspiring production. After a steady release of remixes for the likes of the aforementioned ODESZA and Kasbo, along with playing shows next to acts such as Emancipator and Jai Wolf, ford. has dropped his second full-length album.

Entitled The Color of Nothing, it’s an effort that serves both as a nod to his earlier, more nostalgia-inspired work and also an attempt to forge a deeper connection with listeners. The production featured on the album really reflects the strides that he’s made in the past two years as an artist, and the emotion behind it is something that is truly palpable, and is evidenced by his collaboration with Lani Rose on the standout track “Pay No Mind”. We feel that it’s a microcosm for the album itself, but we’ll let him tell you that:

The Color of Nothing’ represents what you see when you close your eyes and rub them. Although your eyes are shut, what appears to you in this moment is an indescribable hue. It’s not black, white, or any other color that can be described. For me, the color of nothing is liberating. It is a blank canvas; a canvas where I can free myself of pre conceived ideas and create openly.”

Also featuring appearances from Ayelle and Barrie, among others, this new album is one sure to appeal to both longtime fans of his work in addition to gain him quite a few new ones as well.

Below you can stream the album. Enjoy!

 . – The Color of Nothing