Foreign Family Producer NASAYA Drops Dynamic, Rave-Ready ‘RÊVES’ EP

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Anytime we get a release from ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label, we know it’s going to be good. Fresh off from supporting the duo on The Last Goodbye tour, rising producer NASAYA just dropped a sleek, dance-forward EP RÊVES.

We loved singles “CIEL” and “RUMMELSBURG,” and the two new songs exclusive to the EP share the same unique sound. The title track, “RÊVES, is a dark, edgy bop, rife with buzzing, fast breakbeats that make the track feel extremely modern. The sentimental guitar strumming on EP closer “TES YEUX” give it a more emotional and intimate vibe than its predecessors. But make no mistake, this song still goes hard, with spine-tingling bass drops, twinkly synth chops, and a stomping drum beat that still make this track feel at home on a dancefloor.

The EP is intended to be a “love letter for the rave.” Below, NASAYA describes his process for creating RÊVES.

When I was living in Paris, the change of scenery drew me to start writing some solo music. It felt very liberating for me to write songs on my own. The EP is definitely ‘darker’ and more visceral than songs I’ve previously released. I’ve always wanted to release a project like this because I feel like it’s the only way for me to channel certain emotions – and I feel like this sound is a big part of what I wanted my project to sound like when I originally started it. I don’t think it’s about anything in particular but it does reflect this state of introspection/dreaminess that I experienced when I first moved to Europe. That’s why I named it ‘REVES’ – it means ‘dreams’ in french.

Make sure to listen to RÊVES below. Enjoy!