Four Tet Drops Immaculate New 2-Hour Essential Mix as KH

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Four Tet is riding the wave of his newest single, “Looking At Your Pager,” which he released last month via his rarely used KH pseudonym. This past weekend he appeared on BBC Radio 1 to deliver an amazing 2-hour Essential Mix as KH.

This mix is loaded with gems. Most notably, there’s a never-before-heard Dogblood track from Skrillex and Boys Noise titled “Want Some More.” There is also a handful of unreleased tunes from Four Tet, including a new KH tune titled “Dreams.” This is an eclectic, body-moving mix from start to finish—definitely something nice to jump-start your week today.

This isn’t the first time Four Tet has delivered an Essential Mix, but it is the first one as KH (his first mix ever as KH, in fact).

You can listen to the mix using the link below. Enjoy!

Listen Here