Frank Ocean Is Live Broadcasting Potential New Album Right Now: Watch Stream And See Updates



Update: Frank Ocean’s mysterious video stream was a piece of performance art, not his album. The New York Times state the album is due this Friday, August 5th via Apple Music in addition to a physical magazine available at Apple Store locations. Stay tuned.

The seemingly endless wait for Frank Ocean’s album just might be coming to its glorious end. Tune into his live broadcast here to see what Frank is up to.

Perhaps the strongest indicators of Frank Ocean’s widespread significance is his ability to remain one of the internet’s most relevant artists while remaining reclusive and not releasing new music since channel ORANGE in 2012. 

Frank took to his tumblr page last spring to announce plans of releasing his forthcoming album Boys Don’t Cry in July 2015. Not only did the album never show up, but Frank seemingly disappeared, offering only sparse cryptic messages.  

Frank Ocean Teases Sophomore Album Release Date With Cryptic Image

This left Frank Ocean fans anxiously waiting on any news on his long-awaited sophomore album. Unfortunately, these fans were misled time and time again by hints and false rumors that the almost mythical album would be released on a number of past occasions. 

We’re hoping one of the most hyped albums in recent history may become available to the public momentarily. Stream his live broadcast and stay tuned for updates below. 


Frank pulled the ultimate Frank Ocean move and put up a mysterious stream with the Apple Music logo on his boysdon' website in the early hours this morning (8/1/16) and kept the stream as an empty room for hours. 

9:00 AM EST

The stream showed a work station in a warehouse for several hours until camera angle changed and a man in all black walked out (presumably Frank himself). It’s unclear what’s happening as he cutting wood with a mechanical saw. 

9:36 AM EST

Frank is still using the circular saw while peaceful background music has been coming in and out. It’s unclear if this is the album intro or not. Violins strings have kicked in as the music seems to be building energy, like it's leading up to something.

9:43 AM EST

Music has stopped again and he's still using the saw. Frank what are you up to? 

9:48 AM EST

Some chimes kicked in for a brief time and the music stopped shortly after. He's cutting an endless amount of wood pieces.

9:53 AM EST

Ambient music is back. This is beginning to look more and more like a piece of performance art than an album stream, but we'll see where he takes us.

9:55 AM EST

Back to the original camera angle from before he walked out. Sounds like some guitar chords now. He's seen pacing around on his phone. Music cuts out for a while.

10:12 AM EST

Ambient Noises are back. He's cleaning up the sawdust. What is Frank building with all this wood he's cutting?

10:15 AM EST

Frank is pacing around on his phone again looking like he might do something.

10:27 AM EST

Ambient music is back. Frank sat down and it looks like he's done cutting wood.

10:32 AM EST

Camera angle changes again. Still no music. 

10:48 AM EST

Music is back. This is sounding more like a track. Let's hope this is a full song and not just more noises. Nope, just more instrumentals sampling Daft Punk's "Contact" and Frank cutting all the wood he can.

11:06 AM EST

Vocals! I hear distorted vocals

11:11 AM EST 

Still can't tell if Frank is trolling us all or if he has something big planned.

11:17 AM EST

The old boombox in the back is reportedly a Tom Sach's art installation. See a picture of his boombox below. Maybe Frank is building a speaker system of his own?

11:34 AM EST

It looks like Frank Ocean is messing with us all again. 

11:38 AM EST

New sounds have come on. He's still drilling and cutting wood… Can't tell if it's a loop or if he's actually been woodworking this whole time.