Watch Fred again.. Perform Acoustic Versions of Songs from ‘Actual Life 3’

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The time is ripe for reflection as a new year begins. We here at TSIS firmly believe that proper thoughtfulness and meditation are best achieved with the proper music, and who better to deliver those vibes than Fred again.. The hottest name in dance music wasted no time this year releasing a breathtaking new rendition of his latest album, Actual Life 3, on New Year’s Day. 

This newest edition of Fred’s critically acclaimed project comes in the form of a twenty-four-minute continuous piano ballad. Each tune effortlessly glides from one to the next as each distinguishing sample drifts through space as periodic reminders of thoughtful existence.

We want to start 2023 with clear hearts and minds and we bet you do too. Fred clearly does. Stream Fred again..’s new rendition of Actual Life 3 below. Enjoy! 

Fred again.. Actual Life 3 Piano Live