Fred again.. Shares New ‘Studio Live 3’ Live Performance


There are so many ways to enjoy Fred again..‘s music. You could listen to his most recent album, Actual Life 3 (one of our favorite dance albums of the year), check out his Boiler Room DJ set, see him live in person, and now, this. Fred has uploaded a new Studio Live performance, a version of his live show adapted for at-home viewing.

For this performance, recorded a month ago in London, Fred is mostly on the keys and microphone, with help from other electronic instruments like his MPC. This isn’t just a run-through of his album, though. There are plenty of live edits here that bring a whole new angle to the original tracks.

Fred again.. has uploaded a Studio Live session following each of his three Actual Life albums. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out one and two.

You can check out the full live performance from Fred again.. below. Enjoy!