Fred again.. Joins Tiny Desk For His Most Intimate Performance To-Date

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When Fred again.. sets his mind to something, he finds a way to do it. After becoming a household name over the course of the last few months, he decided to challenge himself once again. He has teamed up with NPR Music’s Tiny Desk for an entirely unique and intimate performance.

Of course Fred is known for his breathtaking live electronic DJ shows that have swept audiences across the globe. But what he’s done for Tiny Desk is flip everything on its head. For his performance, Fred re-trained himself on various instruments, including the marimba and the vibraphone. Throughout the video, he can be seen moving from instrument to piano to loop recorder all while visual recordings are played behind him of the vocalists from each track.

Moments like this are what set Fred again.. apart from so many other artists. He admitted it’s one his favorite things he’s ever been a part of and it’s without a doubt one of our favorite Tiny Desks we’ve ever seen. Check out the video below and enjoy!

Fred again..: Tiny Desk Concert