French Beatsmith Stwo Returns From Hiatus with New Song “Go Back”


Stwo is back and has returned with a confident new direction. Today the Parisian beatsmith shares a new single titled “Go Back,” his first solo original release in six years. There appears to be much more on the horizon for Stwo as well. In an Instagram Story post, he wrote, “we’re just getting started.”

This new single taps into the core of Stwo’s original R&B-infused hip-hop production, his claim to fame back in the mid-2010s. He’s now introduced a new element of impressive sound design along with his brilliantly chopped vocals on “Go Back.” The emotive melodies here give the tune another layer of depth, as well.

You can listen to Stwo’s latest, “Go Back,” below. Stay tuned for more from the talented producer. Enjoy!

Stwo – Go Back